Us vs. The Raccoons & Rain

Rain! Rain! Rain!  Break in the rain…go!  I packed up all my stuff and took advantage of a small reprieve in the rain to head to a the Gualala county campground ($5 hike/bike sites, super clean showers) only about 5 miles from Mary-Dee back North and only about a mile or so from the quaint seaside town of Gualala.  Fortunately, I had enough time to get my tent set up and a stroll down to the ocean and pick Miner’s lettuce (it’s the prettiest, tastiest lettuce and it grows wild in these parts -check out the picture), before the rains began again.  Upon my return, I found the wooden locker at my campsite compromised and some of my food strewn about on the ground.  The rotting wood made it possible for the very crafty raccoons to slide their claws inside and snag my food.  Luckily, there was another better locker that I had not initially seen.  However, as I prepared dinner, one assertive little varmint repeatedly hopped up on my picnic table, which scared the crumb out of me given that it was pitch dark.  I can hardly blame him given how few campers were in the campground.  The poor thing was probably very hungry. Then in morning, I found one my panniers on Steel open.  The coon very craftily figured out how to unwind the pannier and get his little paws into it and pullout a few items. It appears that he sunk a tooth into my laundry detergent liquid pack…and I presume that’s what must have ended his further furry interest. Once again to give the coons credit where credit is due, the pannier was not torn or damaged in any way…just a little slobbery! Upon leaving the luxury of Mary-Dee’s home, camping the next few days and nights in the rain with the raccoons was a bit of shock to my spoiled system.  


Over the next couple of rainy days, I spent quite a lot of time writing, both indoors at Trinks coffee shop/restaurant in Gualala (with the best pie ever – seriously worth a stop if you are passing through), and outdoors at my stunningly beautiful campsite set among Bay trees and Redwoods, and alongside the Gualala river with an easy stroll to the ocean to boot!
I spent my last rainy day hanging in another coffee shop, the Blue Canoe, while awaiting the cleaning and fluffing of my laundry across the street. The nice owner was very cool about me spending the afternoon writing away in her coffee shop.  It was my first time biking in full-on rain.  It was an exhilarating 5 miles to get to the laundry mat in Anchor Bay, and it made me think through a few things for the future…like making sure I have some dry shoes with me to change into (whoops!).  
Oh…did I mention the romantic interest that’s developed along this here journey?  Yep, well I had a date later that evening.  It is definitely a rather interesting experience to be wined and dined on a bike journey where my “going-out” attire includes spiffy items like spandex and hiking boots.  None-the-less, he didn’t seem to mind, and I was very thankful for a warm evening spent indoors dining and enjoying the musical act Zepperella (an all female Led Zepplin cover band) – quite entertaining.

One thought on “Us vs. The Raccoons & Rain

  1. I love your writing style! It was fun to read about your experiences with the raccoon and the places I have also been such as Gualala and Trinks. I enjoyed your photos and look forward to following you on your journey.