Then The Entertainment Came to Me (Act I)

The Bodega Bay Dunes campground is the bomb…$5 hike/bike sites, free showers, dish washing area with hot water, internet and cell reception, distant crashing waves and sea lion sounds, great hiking, and less than a mile to a cool coffee shop with to-die-for pastries and a little grocery store just beyond.


I no sooner set up my camp and Bruce from Alaska rolled in on his mountain bike (the only other person I’ve met touring on one). He’s enjoyed cycling for a long time, but only took up bicycle touring in the last few years. A nice-looking 50 year old fellow of medium height and build, Bruce was the epitome of chill. His quiet, unassuming disposition made him easy to be around…and I actually got some writing done. I love that his first bicycle tour was throughout the Midwest about this time of year…and yep, he was hooked. I get it, but it is difficult to explain how freezing one’s ass off on a bike leaves one wanting more, but for some of us crazies it does. Bruce lays brick in Alaska for a few months, makes a good living, attempts to land some more work in Hawaii for another couple months, and thereafter spends his days on bicycle adventures. This time he flew into San Diego and was in route North up the coast to Oregon. He’s already done the kid raising thing, and now he’s enjoying. He was the first cyclist I’ve met to sport a hammock setup for his sleeping. It was very interesting to see him set it up to survive rain and wind –both of which we got. He strategically suspended a waterproof tarp over the hammock and secured it to various pieces of wood found around the campsite. “Part of the challenge,” he says with a smile.


Some nice camping folks had left me some wood before departing..and well, Bruce being an outdoorsy Alaskan-type had no problem getting it to immediately ignite. I say this as I had a total fail on that front a few nights prior. I think I’m getting it though –must tent the wood, leave air underneath, and shove some very flammable stuff in that space in the meantime. Watch out…I think I got it now!


The next day we shared videos and well, his stuff certainly trumps mine. Here you go…check out these super cool, beautiful time-elapsed videos that he shot in Alaska: How about some Northern Lights ( – trust me here – check this whole video out when you just need to chill and be taken away to a beautiful place)?; or perhaps some Moose in the backyard is of interest to you ( Interestingly, Bruce is originally from South Dakota and now living in Alaska – those are the only two states in the US that I have not visited. Perhaps a sign? I would seriously love to experience both some day.


Oh did I mention that a rainbow strategically popped out perfectly over my campsite? That’s a first! I’m still digging for the gold.

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