Thank You Performance Bicycle!

The fine folks at Performance Bikes in San Mateo, CA no sooner souped up my bike and I was off…to Ohio that is.  So my beloved GT mountain Bike has sat in Calfornia awaiting my return. Yesterday was our big day to reunite and give’er a rip up down, up, down, up, down, Montara Mountain. I opted to climb the beautiful hills above Pacifica in anticipation of my first overnight bike adventure this weekend. I was out of shape to say the least, but after three and a half hours later of climbing, I think I’m on my way back.

The bike felt owe so good. What a delight to have new shifters (thank you Jay), breaks, tires, etc. –all perfectly tuned. Thank you Performance Bikes for all the new accessories and for making her run like a champ. The ride yesterday soooo made me want to play on some single track trails – which I shall after this weekend. I promised myself coming back to San Francisco that I would spend a lot more time on my mountain bike. I’m certainly not getting any younger.

I am totally sic’d that more and more people are joining the “Pedal with a Purpose” Meetup. I can’t wait to hear other people’s ideas. Already folks joining comments have been thought provoking. Now for the weekend prep!

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