Entering England Wrapped in Plastic

I basically wrapped my bike in a sheet of plastic meant to protect a floor from paint. I duct taped some of my camping gear to Steel and wrapped the whole thing in the plastic (took the air pressure out of my tires, and my pedals and handle bars off) and checked it. Unbelievably the ticketing agent at British airways didn’t flinch. Steel arrived in great shape minus a broken spoke which I blame on me for not securing stuff better. I was met by Vinny Continue reading

Beginning to Connect

This is what it’s all about: Connecting!!…and it’s happening!  My desire was not to move on from place to place each day toward a particular destination  The idea was to let my experiences drive my destinations.  I learned long ago that Continue reading

Biketoberfest or Bust!

What a great test run weekend touring adventure!  I was completely reminded of why I love touring.


I was loaded up and on the road by 8:30 a.m. and made it to Golden Gate Bridge by 11:15- a mere 45 minutes longer than anticipated.  The foggy chilly start along the ocean did not help get my motor running for the major ass-kicking climb to get up and over the foothill mountain pass between Continue reading

Gearing Up & Packing for 1st (Mini) Touring Adventure

bicycle seat

My beloved bike seat gets a little zesty facelift!

First things first, I feel the need to get everything I own (bike related) out and displayed so I can evaluate what I have and don’t have.   Oh man, I think (I know) I have way too much for this trip.  It is only a one night overnight.  First off, I am reminded of how heavy locks are!  Am I really going to bring my U-lock and cable?  I got away without one for 4 months solo in Europe.  Surely I can last a day.  My tent is darn heavy too.  Do I really need it for Continue reading

Considerations for Flying & Shipping your Bicycle

Bicycle box shipping

Very last minute, I decided to get my old touring bike I had in Cleveland to San Francisco. I totally underestimated what was involved with packing and shipping my bike as it’s been awhile. Here’s what I learned and recalled a bit too late. Continue reading