Rain, Rain, Rain…& Brain?!


I was up and on the road by 8:30 a.m, and by late morning I found a “tabac” (the places in France that are open early where you go for a a drink, coffee or otherwise, and to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets, and to say “hello” to your friends) to duck into from the rain and get a coffee.  You see…I need this coffee habit if only to warm myself!  As an aside, thumbs up on Continue reading

Cycling the Loire a Velo

Don and I bid our farewells after spending a day exploring Sully and enjoying yet another nice castle. The French do like their castles.  Don was carrying on West and I intended to stay put!  Time to be a big nerd.  I was so close to getting a draft done of my dissertation, I just needed to it.  It was starting to weigh on me.  After 3 full days of writing (which included a lot of time at McDonalds) and not talking to anyone, I got a flipping draft done!! Yee ha!! …and I was starting to go a bit stir crazy), so I really wanted to ride the next day despite the call for rain.

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Finally Cycling in France!

After maneuvering up and down the five (or six depending) flights of winding stairs, I left Paris on Global Women’s Cycling day, a rather rainy day. I was finally packed and underway by early afternoon. Still undecided about whether I would cycle to Fontainebleau about 40 miles south of Paris or take a train, Continue reading

Bicycling in Paris…


Parisians seem to love to smoke and eat baguettes, but they absolutely do not dig wearing bicycling helmets –although I did see one woman wearing a cute one (go girl!).  When I asked a bicycle shop worker why no one wears helmets, he explained, “because there is no law to do so, and it would not look right with one’s Sunday best outfit.” The worker was originally from Holland and said that the folks in Amsterdam absolutely don’t wear helmets either, but Continue reading