My First Theft Ever!

I was on the verge of writing a review about my fine new solar panel charger by Voltaic…and well, I still shall despite its abrupt departure from my life.  My sweet solar charger got picked off in the China Camp State Park (outside San Francisco) campground bathroom. I had it and my cell phone charging. The thief kindly left Continue reading

From Paradise to The Pits!

My body is tired, my butt chaffed ** (thank you Arleen for the fantastic chaffing cream–?-recommended), but I feel thankful to be alive. The ride started out nice enough with some flat, scenic riding through the southern end of Napa Valley. About thirty miles into the ride, Continue reading

A Little Slice of Paradise

In my short time living in the Bay Area, I’ve had various friends visit and want to experience Napa Valley. I think back to all the time and effort spent trying to put together the perfect trips, including bicycle trips. While each one turned out very nice, what I happened upon on accidentally with Steel was fantastic too. Continue reading

Parades and More Parades!


I awoke early at the renegade camping spot -concerned with hightailing it out before being discovered. I broke ate, broke camp, and packed up Steel in record time – one hour! I had never done so in under two.


I had an almost immediate ‘laugh out loud’ moment as I cycled Continue reading

Renegade Camping

On the road again (la, la, la).  Up early, wrote, packed, and headed up to Roaster’s Coffee in Bodega Bay, where I’d come to know and enjoy the Irving family who ran the business.  Steel and I attempted to interview the troupes (I say attempted because our Google Hangout Air live show attempt was fun but no recording seemed to materialize on YouTube).  Fortunately, we did a separate interview using my Ipad so that will be forth coming.  After a fond farewell, I was on the road by 1:30 p.m. and heading back North Continue reading

Then The Entertainment Came to Me (Act I)

The Bodega Bay Dunes campground is the bomb…$5 hike/bike sites, free showers, dish washing area with hot water, internet and cell reception, distant crashing waves and sea lion sounds, great hiking, and less than a mile to a cool coffee shop with to-die-for pastries and a little grocery store just beyond.


I no sooner set up my camp and Bruce from Alaska rolled in Continue reading

Us vs. The Raccoons & Rain


Rain! Rain! Rain!  Break in the rain…go!  I packed up all my stuff and took advantage of a small reprieve in the rain to head to the Gualala county campground only about 5 miles from Mary-D back North and only about a mile or so from the quaint seaside town of Gualala.  Fortunately, I had enough time to get my tent set up and a stroll down to the ocean and pick Continue reading

What’s It Mean to Mean?

“What does it mean to mean?” That was the question presented to me by Mary-Dee, the 90 year old spitfire educator woman with whom I had the pleasure of staying with and getting to know. For me, I am thinking that something or someone means something when it becomes personal. It was such an appropriate question Continue reading