Rasa Vitalia is an accomplished professional, multi-disciplinary visual and performance artist and is one of San Francisco’s most famous leading Dance Artists. She is an international dancer, visual show director, and stage choreographer for a variety of first class shows and events, putting her unique artistic creativity and flair in each original performance. Miss Vitalia has over a decade of experience and mastery in multiple world dance forms from around the globe, which makes her work universally revered.
       Rasa Vitalia’s crowing achievements include “San Francisco’s Performance Artist of the Year Award, 2011-2012,” artist-in-residence at Supperclub San Francisco, working with award winning musical acts such as Katdelic (P-Funk), is a featured headliner act in many productions and much, much more. Highly acclaimed, Rasa Vitalia’s work appeals to a wide variety of audiences of all ages as she keeps her work universal, entertaining, and graces the stage with great pizzazz. Rasa Vitalia is a visionary: celebrating life and capturing the hearts of millions.
* See my latest art video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd6BA-kioS8