Pilot Program (Phase I)

The Concept

Come March 2, 2014, I intend to marry Steel Spokes (my beloved bicycle).  The next day, we shall depart on our 4-6 month “bicycling honeymoon” where we will attempt to accomplish a variety of ambitious tasks from the road that lead to even bigger dreams!

By moving my life to my beloved bicycle, I hope to lower my cost of living while I complete my writing for my Ph.D., and experiment with a bunch of collaborative, community building arts, music, and service projects.  Also, I intend to complete the “Semester on Cycle” program model and raise awareness about it.

Becoming Involved

Here are the various ways you can become involved you can:

  1. Meet up with us along the way;
  2. Offer ideas or resources (Wish List here);
  3. Help spread the word about the project; and/or
  4. Just sit back from the comfort of your home and enjoy the ride!

We will be sharing the experiments via a blog at http://quest4zest.org/zesty-blog/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheQ4Z, or sign up for the “Zesty Email” blast to get our adventure tales directly, and learn about insider info and special offers.  Also, I will soon be starting a Meetup Group in San Francisco specific to this here project, so you can find out the specifics of  upcoming rides.