Let’s Begin! Time to Pilot the Bicycle Experiment!


The time has come!  I am making my way back to San Francisco from Ohio, and I’m ready to pilot some adventure cycling trips to move along on the journey toward creating the Semester on Cycle program.

The idea is that over the course of the next six months to a year, I shall facilitate bi-monthly bicycle adventures in and around the Bay area each lasting 2-4 days depending, and be accessible to all levels of riders.  Each adventure will be an overnight multi-day affair (primarily camping), will involve a team effort and integration into communities, and will involve learning and trying something new.  Those are the basic ground rules – from there we will evolve.

Here are the various ways you can become involved…you can come on the trips, meet up with us at some of the places we go on our adventures, offer up ideas or resources, help spread the word about the project, and/or just sit back from the comfort of your home and enjoy the ride via our stories, pictures, and videos! This is project born of my passions…and I live in San Francisco for goodness sake.  If I can’t try wacky ideas here, where can I??

You can sign up to receive the “Zesty Email” and receive adventure stories, and various insider info and specials.  The experiments will be shared via this blog and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheQ4Z. Also, I’ve started a Meetup Group specific to this here project (http://www.meetup.com/Pedal-with-A-Purpose/ ), so you can find out the specifics of upcoming rides.

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