Endings Allow for Beginnings!

I had high hopes, but insufficient time to get things really rolling (literally) with the Pedal with A Purpose Meetup Group, but it was fun while it lasted. I was initially encouraged that about thirty people joined the group –many with nifty bike related ideas. Surveying the individual members proved especially interesting. I learned why people joined the group, some of their ideas, what types of bikes people tour on, their hesitations about joining in on adventure, previous touring experience, etc. It painted a better picture of who attracts to the sorts of things that I do –all very useful info.

I intended to continue on after the new year and the holidays, but ultimately I’ve decided now is my time to depart on an extended bicycle touring odyssey. I originally intended to leave last June (2013), but for various reasons, it was not until now that the timing was right (aiming for early March, 2014)

In the end, I met some very cool folks through Pedal with a Purpose just in the short time that the group existed –for that alone, I am thankful.

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