Roll Out Entertainment


Presenting the best of roller dance in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Lester Jayson “Hawaii’s Punch” Farias Jr. started skating when he was 4 and hasn’t stopped since!  Growing up in east Oakland, Jayson needed a reason to keep out of trouble and rollerskating was the reason for him.  As he got older, he evolved from quads to rollerblades.  Rollerblades provides a great challenge for him to dance on because of the enhanced balance needed to do what everyone else does on quads.  Through “Hawaii’s Punch” life, he was always told he wouldn’t amount to anything because of where he lived, now he is on stages inspiring others to live a positive life and keep rolling no matter what.  Jayson loves to skate with his skate family at the “Skatin Place” at 6th and Fulton in S.F. and loves to teach and perform there every chance he gets.  Now that the “Hawaii’s Punch” and “White Chocolate” are teaming up, Jayson feels that the roll for the two are limitless!
Aimee “White Chocolate” Bruckner joined the skate scene in 2010 completely by accident after suffering a life-changing injury to her hand. Graphic artist by day, and avid skater in her downtime, “White Chocolate” loves to get down to R&B/Funk classics to entertain crowds and inspire others to get up and enjoy some fun exercise. She loves to teach anyone with the willingness to learn and encourages everyone to come out to Golden Gate Park and get your skate on every Sunday at the “Skatin Place” at 6th St. & Fulton.
Jayson and Aimee met up at Cal Skate of Milpitas before it was torn down and forged a bond though the fun and music of the skate rink. They share a common style and vision to inspire others with their funky moves through Jayson’s venture, “Roll Out Entertainment.” We love to put on shows and teach some moves, so look us up for your next roller disco themed party or event!