Then The Entertainment Came to Me (Act I)

The Bodega Bay Dunes campground is the bomb…$5 hike/bike sites, free showers, dish washing area with hot water, internet and cell reception, distant crashing waves and sea lion sounds, great hiking, and less than a mile to a cool coffee shop with to-die-for pastries and a little grocery store just beyond.


I no sooner set up my camp and Bruce from Alaska rolled in Continue reading

What’s It Mean to Mean?

“What does it mean to mean?” That was the question presented to me by Mary-Dee, the 90 year old spitfire educator woman with whom I had the pleasure of staying with and getting to know. For me, I am thinking that something or someone means something when it becomes personal. It was such an appropriate question Continue reading

Extreme Stimuli Day!

The next day after meditation, and meeting some interesting locals in the session, I finally started rolling back on my dissertation –that felt good. I worked on it all day at Jim’s place, and the was up early the next day back at it down the coffee shop. I didn’t know at the time I was about to begin “extreme stimuli day”. Continue reading

My Bicycle Marriage!

Where do I even begin to describe my bicycle wedding day? It really was just a ridiculously fun day –all the fun, but none of the jitters of a real wedding! Continue reading

The Doctor to the Rescue

I feel like I am in a constant state of thanks to my dear friend Scott, otherwise know as “The Doctor”.  You see, Scott can pretty much fix or make anything…seriously!   So as a gal who is always full of ideas, it is pretty terrific when you have an awesome friend, who can help you turn ideas into realities!  He has basically Continue reading

Bicycle Generator Cometh!

Thanks to David and Erin, the cool inspired guys behind Siva Cycle, I’m patiently awaiting getting to try out The Atom bicycle generator .  I should be able to power my cell phone and GPS while cycling. How fantastic!   You can Continue reading

I’m Getting Married…To My Bicycle!

Wedding AnnouncementYep…Steel Spokes (my beloved bicycle) and I have been together for more than 15 years. We’ve decided to tie the knot with a Hawaiian themed bicycle wedding on March 2, 2014, and then depart for 6 months on our “bicycle honeymoon.” You can learn more about our story here. We have some ambitions goals to accomplish from the road. The hope is to bring us that much closer to realizing the “Semester on Cycle” program.

Fantastic Das Bike Night!

I was tired, running late, and well aware that I was driving 40 minutes to attend a bicycle-in movie night on a Tuesday night. However, I had invited my friend, Karin, to go…and I was intrigued by the concept. Continue reading

Time Spent with BTCEB: An Impressive Bicycle Advocacy & Action Group

I made another attempt to host a Meetup bicycle touring event revolved around activities related to cycling and volunteer work.  This time I scheduled it to occur on a Saturday in conjunction with an already occurring trail maintenance work day being Continue reading