Italy Part I: Errors in the Alps


Cycling in Italy is one of those dreamy types of things that I never really thought I would get an opportunity to do.  I especially never thought I would experience cycling in the Dolomites, or the Italian Alps -in large part because I never imagined I would be fit enough to drag me and loaded bicycle up mountains.

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Launching in Paris…with A Few Snags

It is hard to describe how thankful I am to my kind friend Lucila and her boyfriend, Thierry, for welcoming into their 1890’s beautifully renovated Parisian flat with a curved entry door located at the top of a circular staircase five flights up (see pics) –especially on such ridiculously short notice. I arrived during a work week, so while they worked I scoured the city for two long days for all that I needed. Continue reading

My First Theft Ever!

I was on the verge of writing a review about my fine new solar panel charger by Voltaic…and well, I still shall despite its abrupt departure from my life.  My sweet solar charger got picked off in the China Camp State Park (outside San Francisco) campground bathroom. I had it and my cell phone charging. The thief kindly left Continue reading

The Doctor to the Rescue

I feel like I am in a constant state of thanks to my dear friend Scott, otherwise know as “The Doctor”.  You see, Scott can pretty much fix or make anything…seriously!   So as a gal who is always full of ideas, it is pretty terrific when you have an awesome friend, who can help you turn ideas into realities!  He has basically Continue reading

Bicycle Generator Cometh!

Thanks to David and Erin, the cool inspired guys behind Siva Cycle, I’m patiently awaiting getting to try out The Atom bicycle generator .  I should be able to power my cell phone and GPS while cycling. How fantastic!   You can Continue reading

Biketoberfest or Bust!

What a great test run weekend touring adventure!  I was completely reminded of why I love touring.


I was loaded up and on the road by 8:30 a.m. and made it to Golden Gate Bridge by 11:15- a mere 45 minutes longer than anticipated.  The foggy chilly start along the ocean did not help get my motor running for the major ass-kicking climb to get up and over the foothill mountain pass between Continue reading

Thank You Performance Bicycle!

The fine folks at Performance Bikes in San Mateo, CA no sooner souped up my bike and I was off…to Ohio that is.  So my beloved GT mountain Bike has sat in Calfornia awaiting my return. Yesterday was our big day to reunite and give’er a rip up down, up, down, up, down, Montara Mountain. I opted to climb the beautiful hills above Pacifica in anticipation of my first Continue reading

Considerations for Flying & Shipping your Bicycle

Bicycle box shipping

Very last minute, I decided to get my old touring bike I had in Cleveland to San Francisco. I totally underestimated what was involved with packing and shipping my bike as it’s been awhile. Here’s what I learned and recalled a bit too late. Continue reading