Trying to Fly: The Bicycle Box Debacle

Alright so here was my last 72 hours of chaos and the lessons learned in my attempt to get Steel and I to Europe on a budget. At 7:30 pm the evening before Steel and I planned to leave for Paris (we’re flying standby), a friend was available to help me pick up a bicycle box from a local bicycle shop to pack up Steel and my gear. I already had one box packed, and so I just needed to put Steel and the rest of my gear into the bicycle box – an hour max packing! I read on the United Airline’s website that I could have two checked items (including boxes), but to fly free each needed to be under 50 pounds. However, I failed to take note of the dimensions –major goof!! Continue reading

Soft Launch Good…I Met An Emu, Etc!

My soft launch proved to be a blessing in disguise! After loading my bike, I could not ride it up my friend’s drive, and I seriously struggled to even push it up. Yes, it’s a very steep 1/2 mile or so uphill drive, but still! Not only Continue reading

Endings Allow for Beginnings!

I had high hopes, but insufficient time to get things really rolling (literally) with the Pedal with A Purpose Meetup Group, but it was fun while it lasted. I was initially encouraged that about thirty people joined the group –many with nifty bike related ideas. Surveying the individual members proved especially interesting. Continue reading