Stop Bicycle Theft Together

Stop bicycle theft

Lisa here…

It occurred to me that it might be useful to host a community dialog about the bicycle theft issue.  I am a firm believer that to solve problems one must first thoroughly understand them.  My hope is that by bringing together community members who care about this issue together we can learn about and figure out how to solve it.  To this end, I set a date for the dialog for Friday, February 26th at noon in the atrium of the SLC library downtown.  I sent a few emails to police officers and other public officials who I thought might be interested.  After creating and printing fliers about the dialog along with a “Wanted” poster for Steel offering a $200 reward, I set off walking around SLC to spread the word and see what I could learn.  Steve and I continued doing this during our next few days off. Continue reading

My Beloved Bike: Stolen!

bicycle wedding

Lisa here…

It’s hard to explain the rash of emotions that overcame me when I discovered Steel missing from my front porch in Salt Lake City. Initial feelings included shock of course — this being my first bicycle theft. And I was mad, but more so I felt sad and disappointed that someone would do such a thing. I grasp stealing a shiny new bike that could demand some serious cash, but Steel? — my beloved twenty year old, well-worn, purple chipped-paint-sporting, foam-seat-spurting bicycle which I married a couple years ago (here’s the story and bicycle wedding video!). Oh yes, I should add feeling utterly stupid and guilty that I only had Steel secured with a cheap cable lock, while Steve’s more valuable bikes had the U-locks. Continue reading

Fantastic Das Bike Night!

I was tired, running late, and well aware that I was driving 40 minutes to attend a bicycle-in movie night on a Tuesday night. However, I had invited my friend, Karin, to go…and I was intrigued by the concept. Continue reading

Time Spent with BTCEB: An Impressive Bicycle Advocacy & Action Group

I made another attempt to host a Meetup bicycle touring event revolved around activities related to cycling and volunteer work.  This time I scheduled it to occur on a Saturday in conjunction with an already occurring trail maintenance work day being Continue reading

New Meetup Group: Pedal with A Purpose

Biketoberfest 2013We are off and rolling! I just created a new Meetup group in San Francisco, Pedal with A Purpose (, and cycling enthusiasts are joining!  Hot diggity!  If you are not familiar with Meetup, Continue reading