Over the Alps with Only Minor Mishaps


For the first time on this here cycling adventure, I bought a map. This goes to show that I was nervous about crossing the Alps. They look awfully high from a far and thought of getting turned around in them was weighing on my mind. Basically, all the cycling routes (Velo 7 and Alpe-Radweg)(http://alpe-adria-radweg.comAlpe-Radweg) take the same route from Salzburg up the Alps and begin to differ after the mountain pass.
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Trying to Fly: The Bicycle Box Debacle

Alright so here was my last 72 hours of chaos and the lessons learned in my attempt to get Steel and I to Europe on a budget. At 7:30 pm the evening before Steel and I planned to leave for Paris (we’re flying standby), a friend was available to help me pick up a bicycle box from a local bicycle shop to pack up Steel and my gear. I already had one box packed, and so I just needed to put Steel and the rest of my gear into the bicycle box – an hour max packing! I read on the United Airline’s website that I could have two checked items (including boxes), but to fly free each needed to be under 50 pounds. However, I failed to take note of the dimensions –major goof!! Continue reading

Us vs. The Raccoons & Rain


Rain! Rain! Rain!  Break in the rain…go!  I packed up all my stuff and took advantage of a small reprieve in the rain to head to the Gualala county campground only about 5 miles from Mary-D back North and only about a mile or so from the quaint seaside town of Gualala.  Fortunately, I had enough time to get my tent set up and a stroll down to the ocean and pick Continue reading

Soft Launch Good…I Met An Emu, Etc!

My soft launch proved to be a blessing in disguise! After loading my bike, I could not ride it up my friend’s drive, and I seriously struggled to even push it up. Yes, it’s a very steep 1/2 mile or so uphill drive, but still! Not only Continue reading

You Can’t Fake Crazy!

One week away and how am I feeling? Anxious!!  I woke up tense –my mind thinking of a 1000 things to do.  My neck has a weird cramp in it and I’ve got zits (which only tends to happen when I’m nervous).
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The Doctor to the Rescue

I feel like I am in a constant state of thanks to my dear friend Scott, otherwise know as “The Doctor”.  You see, Scott can pretty much fix or make anything…seriously!   So as a gal who is always full of ideas, it is pretty terrific when you have an awesome friend, who can help you turn ideas into realities!  He has basically Continue reading

Fantastic Das Bike Night!

I was tired, running late, and well aware that I was driving 40 minutes to attend a bicycle-in movie night on a Tuesday night. However, I had invited my friend, Karin, to go…and I was intrigued by the concept. Continue reading

Mini-Cycling Adventure To Point Reyes Provides Much Insight!

It was Thursday afternoon, and I was free and desiring a little adventure. My friend, Nathaniel (who traded in his car for a bicycle 5 year ago), was free too. We initially talked about heading to the Ferry Building in San Francisco to checkout Cowgirl Creamery and Hog Island Oyster retail stores. Instead, we opted to go “to the “source” Continue reading

Gearing Up & Packing for 1st (Mini) Touring Adventure

bicycle seat

My beloved bike seat gets a little zesty facelift!

First things first, I feel the need to get everything I own (bike related) out and displayed so I can evaluate what I have and don’t have.   Oh man, I think (I know) I have way too much for this trip.  It is only a one night overnight.  First off, I am reminded of how heavy locks are!  Am I really going to bring my U-lock and cable?  I got away without one for 4 months solo in Europe.  Surely I can last a day.  My tent is darn heavy too.  Do I really need it for Continue reading