Unexpected Salt Lake City: Ten Reasons SLC Rocks

And we’re off! Next up: Alaska via Las Vegas, LA, and San Francisco!!  It’s been some crazy days of packing and organizing.  How in the world did we acquire so much stuff in three months?  I made four trips to the thrift store to unload again!


My "black car" driving getup

My “black car” driving getup

We really enjoyed our time in Salt Lake City. The black car driving job turned out to be very cool. I met lots of nice folks – other employees as well as guests that I drove to their destinations wound up in the beautiful canyons that surround the city.  While it was frequently cold and snowy, it was quite pleasant to live in a sunny, mountainous area for the winter.  Enough so that SLC has made our short list of places we may return to live in the future.  Here’s our top 10 list of what made Salt Lake City an unexpected great place to live: Continue reading