Wrapping up 2015 on the road


Steve here…

Let’s see, where were we? Oh yes, Glacier National Park. It seems we packed an enormous number of experiences into our three months at Glacier.


We had three — if not all four — seasons there. When we first arrived it was early Spring, the central road over Logan pass had not yet opened, and waterfalls tumbled down the sides of the mountains from the melting snowfields. Within a few weeks we were experiencing mid-summer 100-degree days, then weeks of smoke-filled skies, dry grass, and wildfire danger. And by the time we left in early September snow was falling again on the mountains and the road over the pass had already been closed a couple times due to winter conditions.

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Managing expectations: Time

Steve here…IMG_0117

This is a little about a non-technical side of this living remote experiment: managing our expectations of time. Initial expectations were along the lines of “Yay, a remote-working job! I can get paid while we travel around seeing national parks, etc. Kick our heels up in the evenings around a fire. Awesome!”

And that’s what we’ve been doing and it has, indeed, been awesome. But one problem we consistently have to work around is time. I still need to put in 8 hours every work day on the computer logged in over the network to a server in Pennsylvania. Lisa still needs time to work on academic articles and business plans (and now a cool job for the summer which I will let her describe). Continue reading

New Meetup Group: Pedal with A Purpose

Biketoberfest 2013We are off and rolling! I just created a new Meetup group in San Francisco, Pedal with A Purpose (http://www.meetup.com/Pedal-with-A-Purpose/), and cycling enthusiasts are joining!  Hot diggity!  If you are not familiar with Meetup, Continue reading